Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MinecraftEdu ~ Engage and Educate

My wish list for my students = MinecraftEdu = Engage, Educate, Collaborate, Problem Solve, Create, Design, Build, Inspire Curiosity...The list goes on and on...

Every day, more and more teachers are using the world-building game Minecraft to engage and educate. The game is a true phenomenon and gamers young and old are using it in countless creative ways. Practitioners of Games Based Education have realized the potential and have embraced Minecraft in classrooms around the world.

Our custom MinecraftEdu mod was created by teachers, for teachers. It works right on top of the original Minecraft game and is designed for classroom use. We've lowered the barriers so that ANY teacher can benefit from this amazing game.


  • All special features are accessible through in-game menus... no config files or command lines!
  • Write assignments and instructions that are visible to students.
  • Students can use their names, pick a gender, and change their skin while playing.
  • Password-protected "Teacher Mode" with access to many powerful abilities.
  • Run a custom server for each of your classes with just a few clicks.
  • Ability to save and load worlds and activites.
  • Powerful world-building tools to quickly create your own lessons.
  • Custom teacher-only blocks that can give information, create boundaries, or control where students can build.
  • Teleport students, give items, and allow flying.
  • Ability to mute/unmute and freeze/unfreeze students.
  • Change the time, weather and game modes on the fly.
  • Includes an expansive Tutorial World to introduce new players to the game.

Click Here to Check out Minecraft.EDU Updated Version


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