Monday, December 3, 2012

Footee ~ Innovative educational site combining football and game-based learning

Hey Team 16 Football Fans! Check out this new site.  It offers games in all content areas based on our core curriculum and combines your love of football.  Is this motivating or what?

*Footee is a free football-themed educational site where you can play games, explore new worlds and build your own Footee team to compete against real life teams from all over the world.

*Footee is an innovative educational website that harnesses the combined appeal of football and gaming to motivate National Curriculum learning in 7-14-year olds both in the class room and at home.

*It covers all the core KS2 subjects and can be used in various ways to support the delivery of your lessons, including single pupil, multiple groups and whole class activities, plus fun homework assignments.
*Footee is an exciting free online educational resource linked to your child’s school curriculum. It has been designed to use children’s love of football and gaming to help them learn National Curriculum skills. It is also an exceptionally safe online environment that you can trust.
*Footee supports learning in all core Key Stage 2 areas- as well as helping to develop skills in nutrition, health, citizenship, teamwork, and digital literacy.

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