Monday, December 10, 2012

Homework for Team 16

Hello Team 16 Families,

I just copied and pasted the homework from the homework link.  I update it daily.  The link is located at the top of the blog.  Please check this link to make sure your child is completing his/ her homework.  Also, the link provides challenges and or optional work that can enrich your child.

*Practice Math Facts- Study Multiplication and Division Facts
*Math-  Study Link 3-5 due tomorrow

*Math-Optional Enrichment Puzzle- due tomorrow or any day this week (I set-up a challenge check-in station where students can go to in the morning and check their enrichment homework together.)  I will start to send home weekly enrichment math packets that will be optional.  I welcome feedback.  Thanks!

*Design Squad Challenge-  This is an optional design challenge to go along with our Just Like Me program.  This challenge is due after the holidays.  This may be a good project for students to partner up and have play dates to design a convenient carrier.*  Students can even share their designs with PBS Design Squad.  They welcome any new inventions or ideas!

**New challenge playlists on Power My Learning- check them out!
***New Math challenges on Mangahigh!
****Check out the list of keyboarding games posted on the blog.  I added them to the side right link bar under the social studies links.

*Spelling Group:  100 Points due on Friday

*Reading letters are due every Friday~ Pick a story starter and remember to include EVIDENCE-  Please write 2 paragraphs this week.  Remember the format of a letter and try to include at least 4 transition words.  Please highlight the transition words if you are writing your letter and change the color of the font if you are typing your letter.  This will help you to notice transition words and remind you to add them to your letters.
Online tools/ sites for extra practice:

*Mangahigh and Carrot Sticks (Math only)
*Scootpad (Reading and Math)
*StoryBird (Writing)
*Power My Learning and Study ladder for practice in all content areas (see playlists)
*Everyday Math games
*Tumblebooks (Reading/Comprehension)
*Links from the Happy Hollow Technology site
*The Lost Lunchbox (Challenge site- Practice in problem- solving- all content areas)

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