Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Fridays!

"Students learn in diverse and wondrous ways."

Our Friday schedule is different and requires a slight adjustment to how we schedule our learning blocks.  Team 16 discussed this last Friday to brainstorm various ways we can use time effectively.  We came up with project Fridays.  The students are thinking of something they are interested in learning more about.  They will write me a proposal.  I will be showing them the proposal template this week.  We will then brainstorm how we can include some curriculum standards.  The projects will be integrated and all will have a math, reading, writing, science and/ or social studies goal that relates to the curriculum.  Once we establish our projects, we will spend a large chunk of time every Friday working on them.  Students will be researching in books and online.  Final projects will be presented in various ways.  Some will create poster boards, book reports, slide shows, movies, dioramas, etc...

I am excited to see what students are curious about!

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