Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading letters are a work in progress...

Team16 is learning how to use google docs and working hard to improve our keyboarding skills.  After trial and error, we discovered that we must use Google Chrome and that documents has changed to drive.  For the next several weeks, we will write the letter in school.  Each week getting better and focusing on new skills.  I will introduce spell check and model how to write a letter.  Since we will write the letters in school, I will teach the students how to take simple notes during the week at home so on Fridays, I can help them write their letters.  When everyone feels comfortable with the process, I will let families know.  Until then, we will do them together in school.

Team 16 has learned:

  • How to use Google Chrome
  • Log on to google drive (the new google documents)
  • How to share work through google drive
These 3 steps are a great beginning.  

 Good readers are happy readers!

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