Thursday, January 3, 2013

Build- It- Yourself...Sounds exciting ~ Check out this new site

I was researching ways to incorporate more STEM activities into our daily curriculum.  I found this amazing website (link below) that offers a unique program for students.  Their mission is to guide and inspire the next generation of builders.  Check them out.  They offer camps, after- school programs, AND online learning via webcam by a MIT, Cornell, or Harvard LIVE builder.  It is a new company that I believe offers amazing membership options that many of the students in Team 16 would love!  They can learn to build complex artwork, toys, machines, robots, software programs and games quickly.  Check it out!

The Benefits:

"Build-It-Yourself is an enrichment program designed to foster the natural interest in art and technology that young boys and girls have. Its goal is to give your child a set of basic building and high-tech skills that will enhance their traditional educational experience and position them for the long term pursuit of high level academic and career success. We are building lifelong learners, as well as lifelong builders.
Most of these skills will be transferable to other areas of interest that your child may have. For example, each of our activities subtly stresses organizational, documentation and presentation skills - teaching and using MicroSoft PowerPoint as an essential tool. Our modular building approach allows kids to develop a sense that the solutions to any problem require a view of both the "big picture" and its component parts. Our program is also unique in its emphasis on art and creativity. We provide the tools and incentives for your child to draw on the creative juices that can separate them from the pack.
Besides specific technical skills, Build-It-Yourself strives to build both a social consciousness and socialization skills into each of its activities. The playful scenarios that kick off each Mission make children aware - in a non-political way - that technology can be used to solve large scale social problems. Many of our activities involve teamwork, all of our Homecasts and Workshops instill collaboration as a key component and our members develop a strong sense of community - a community that literally extends around the globe.
Our Homecasts are not canned videos, but are guided by live, highly engaged and motivated mentors, who are either graduates of or currently attending the top art and engineering universities in the country (and the world).
Finally, we never lose sight of the fact that extracurricular programs such as Build-It-Yourself must be fun and constantly encourage the engagement of the members. Our program is NOT school. The "pace" of learning is strictly determined by the participant and his or her level of interest and enjoyment. We have a program that can and has supported that interest and enjoyment through elementary school, through middle-school, through high-school (our Internship Program) and into the top college programs."

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