Monday, January 7, 2013

Team 16 Update

Team 16 Update:

We are starting Unit 4 in Math tomorrow which focuses on big numbers, estimation, and computation.  I will post several you tube videos this week as a preview for students to watch.  Mr. McCann, our math coach, will be starting to come in every other week to help us with problem solving.  We were supposed to start this week, but due to Just Like Me on Wednesday, we had to reschedule.

We are wrapping up our personal narrative writing unit this week.  Next week, each student will pick 1 story to revise, edit, and publish.  We will be updating our Google sites this week and the students will post their final draft by next Friday.  They will also take home a paper copy of their published stories.

We started Science rotations last Friday.  Our class is learning about weather with Ms. Rogers first. We are still working on electromagnets in our class when we have extra time.

We will be starting an Immigration/ Culture project this week.  Details will be sent home tomorrow.  Most of the work will be completed in school.  This is a fun and engaging project for students.

We are wrapping up asking questions during Literacy Studio.  Book groups are finishing up and new ones will be starting shortly.  We will move on to learning about making inferences next week.

The projects students are working on are amazing!  We have so many talented students (or should I call them teachers).  It is amazing to watch them work.  Everyone is willing to help each other and offer ideas.  I have learned so much for all the students in Team 16 myself.

Ms. Crowley is no longer with us.  First grade needed her more.  We will miss her, but we understand that her talents are needed more in first grade.  We will still see her in the halls, at lunch, and on the playground.

We will be making Dr. Martin Luther King posters with our buddies on Thursday.  We are going to try to create posters using Technology this year.  Students are excited and have been thinking about what program they will use.

That's all for now.  Email or call with any questions.

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