Saturday, January 19, 2013

Team 16 Project Updates ~ And YES...all projects completed by 4th grade students...NOT professionals

Team 16 is busy working on many different projects.  Students pick projects based on what they are passionate about learning.  It is amazing to be a part of this team of 24 "coaches."  We all have 23 people we can turn to and ask for help if we need it.  Students celebrate their strengths daily by helping others and we all are continuously learning every minute of everyday something new.


*Scratch Programming games created alone or with a partner.  Check out our class link below and play the games.  Let us know what you think.

Team 16 Scratch Projects

There are mazes, soccer games, football games, track races, basketball games, songs, dancing, research games, and more!  Enjoy!

*Sketch-Up- 3D modeling program and video game design (Students designing using this real- life professional program.)

Students created houses, towns, pools, buildings, stores, furniture, etc...using Sketch Up.  We are working on uploading our projects to the blog soon.  Check back here shortly to view.

*Research Projects- Books, Posters, Slideshows, Movies, 3D artifacts, Scratch

Students studied cats, parrots, dogs, Marco Polo, the Eiffel Tower, tigers, China, Dominican Republic, the red panda, the history of Apple, owls, the Colosseum, space, gorillas, the history of dance, the Pacific Ocean, bull sharks, etc...

Click on the link below to see!

Team 16 Interactive Projects

*Minecraft- Students are working in pairs or small groups and creating challenging roller coasters, houses, islands, towns, suspension bridges, Dr. Martin Luther King posters, goodbye messages to Ms. Crowley, and more.  Miranda is working on filming the projects so we can post on the blog.  Check back soon to view!  A big thanks to Miranda for being our class videographer.

*Other Projects:
~ How to make paper, 3D Italian flag, Design Squad Challenges, 3D suspension bridge, how to draw an eye (art- how to video), the history of the Olympics, Dominican Republic dance, online class newsletter/ blog, photography, videography, learning new languages, sewing, and more...

*New Projects/ Pictures posted weekly*

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