Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Team 16 Update

Hello Team 16!

 I have been out at a writing workshop for the past 2 days.  I learned a lot and will pass it on to you and the students as we go forward.

I updated the homework link, I apologize about not updating it the past 2 days when I was away.  Students, think about the design squad challenge! I would love to see what you come up with.  Dylan did an amazing job and I will post pictures soon.  I am behind on posting projects/ pictures to the blog...I will catch up soon.

We are hoping to wrap-up our personal narratives this week.  We will be editing, revising, and publishing just one of our stories.  Next, we will move on to writing opinion pieces.

The specialists have been assessing all the students for the past 2 weeks and the 4th grade team is meeting soon to look at the results.  We also just finished up the GRADE, another reading assessment.  Our whole team looks at the data and from there, we create our RTI groups based on what the students need.  We are moving on from asking questions to discussing inferences in our texts during reading time.  This can be a challenge for some at first.

In Math, we started fractions and decimals.  We will continue learning more about them.  The students will learn how to compare and order decimals, estimate decimals, add and subtract decimals, etc...I will post some videos on the blog for students to watch for extra help and guidance.  I will try to get them posted this week.

The immigration project will start in full force next week.  We will discuss it more tomorrow and I will send you a link to the project website after I show the students tomorrow.  They all seem very excited to start this project!

Our class has started learning about landforms with Mr. Moynihan during Science rotations.  Ask your child what they learned yesterday.  They will meet again this Friday afternoon to learn more.

Math RTI is going well.  Again, we are starting to look at assessment data and change our groups if needed.

The flu is going around Happy Hollow.  Try and get plenty of sleep, exercise, and wash your hands a lot!  We want to stay as healthy as possible.

Have a wonderful evening!

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