Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cultural Celebration = Success and Class Update

Thank you to all families for coming to our Cultural Celebration and bringing in delicious food from around the world.  Thank you for taking an interest in all the students projects and asking questions and complimenting their hard work.  In addition, thank you for families for bringing in many gluten- free foods.  Students commented on that and were very happy to be able to taste many different foods!!!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Please bring in Valentine's for the whole class if you choose to participate.  Candy may be brought in and will be sent home unopened.  I sent home a class list yesterday as well as posted a link in a previous post you can refer to.  Most students chose to decorate a Valentine's mailbox in school, but some did choose to create one at home.  Please remember to bring it to school tomorrow.  In addition, Team 16 made Valentine cards for our 2nd grade buddies.  Most of us completed them in school and some of us decided to create a card for them at home.  Again, please remember to bring in your card for your buddy tomorrow if you are making it at home.

Friday is Spirit day.  Happy Hollow is having pajama day!  Students can wear pajamas, bring slippers and stuffed animals if they wish.  Please do remember to bring boots and snow pants for recess time.  As a friendly reminder, students must have boots to walk on the snow and snow pants to play in the snow.  It is always a good idea to keep an extra pair of dry in socks in your child's backpack.  Even with boots, sometimes their socks get wet!

The flu is going around Happy Hollow as well as different viruses.  Wash your hands consistently throughout the day get plenty of rest.  Vacation is coming and we want to be healthy to enjoy our time with our families.  I am going to send home the children's headphones over vacation.  Please clean them and have students bring them back to school after vacation sealed in a ziplock bag.  Thank you for your help with this.

We have been busy wrapping up our immigration project, taking math/reading assessments, publishing personal narratives, and completing Unit 4 in Math.  After vacation, Team 16 will be starting to write persuasive/ opinion pieces and new reading groups will be starting.  We will be discussing inferences during our read aloud, as well as in small reading groups.  I was planning on starting this week but due to our busy schedule, I decided that waiting until after vacation would be a better choice. In math, we will be starting Unit 5 and focusing on multiplication and division.  I will post several math videos over vacation on the blog if students wish to preview.  In addition, we will be doing much more problem solving in math and focusing on explaining our thinking in words, pictures, or numbers.  We will also wrap-up our science rotations.  Team 16 will be heading to Ms. Devlin's class to learn about animal adaptations.  Spelling/ Vocabulary will start-up again after the break.

Team 16 each shared 1 goal they wanted to work on for themselves after the break.  Ask your child what his/ her goal is.  Examples from the class:  keep my desk clean, remember to pass in my homework on time, stop calling out, complete my morning routines, celebrate challenges, etc...

New Math RTI groups will be starting after vacation.  Team 16 will work closely with Ms. Devlin's class and explore different project- based learning activities.

Spring conferences are coming up.  I will send-out a doodle link for you to sign-up.  I will post on the blog and email it to all families.  Families, please let me know if you do not read the blog.  This is important because I don't send home paper copies for most events or updates.  I post them on the blog.  I also post research articles for parents to read if they wish that explains my teaching strategies or where education is heading.  I understand parents are busy so if you aren't reading the blog at least once a week, please let me know and I will start to send home paper copies of my posts.  This came to my attention after Monday's celebration.  I apologize to all families who thought I didn't communicate.    I was under the impression families were reading the blog.  I know the students go on a lot for links and homework assignments.  To help me out, if you would like paper copies of updates, please write me a note and stick it in your child's homework folder, send me an email, or call me at school.  This way I can communicate to all families effectively.  My email is
Thank you for your help with this!

In conclusion, I must share my celebration of all your child's enthusiasm, curiosity, engagement, and unique strengths!  I am amazed daily at what Team 16 is accomplishing!

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