Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Options- Feedback welcome

Valentine's Day Options:

Here is the email staff received from Mr. Lee:

"In the spirit of keeping all things fun and child-centered, we need to keep Valentine's Day intact. Last year, we said that students may bring in Valentines with the candy treats as long as they all go home UNEATEN. That means you could choose to do one of three things and still be within the state guidelines by which we are bound:

1. Students may swap Valentine's greetings and put them in sealed envelopes/mailboxes to be opened at home so all parents decide what is appropriate and what is not.
2. Students have two envelopes, one for the greetings and one for candy treats. All candy goes into a sealed envelope and is taken home for parent discretion in what is appropriate and what is not. Greetings can then be read in class. 
3. Ban candy and have only greetings which can be read any time.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to allow the swap of candy ~ please notify your families that this is student to student and not something given out by the school in any way. It is also not to be eaten during the school hours at all and parents and students are to be told that the final decision will remain with each parent and each family according to their values. These are gifts from students to students, families to families. ~ Do this by notice, on your webpages, blogs or any way but please make certain that this is addressed sooner than later in case there are families with questions and/or concerns. If families in your room feel strongly that it should not be served, we are obligated to honor this and ban it. "

Team 16 talked about this a little bit today.  The majority wanted to do option #2.  I asked the students to go home and discuss these options with families.  I welcome any and all feedback.  

Please email me or comment on this post what choice you prefer the most.  Thanks!

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