Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Math Update

Team 16 is ALMOST done with unit 4.  It seems to be dragging on due to alternate assessments that keep popping up.  We started the GMADE today which is a math assessment that focuses on computation, process and application, and vocabulary.  The students took a similar test in the Fall.  We have 1 section left to complete.

Also, Mr. McCann, our math coach started coming in every other Wednesday to model and coach the students on how to tackle solving a word problem.  Tomorrow will be his 2nd day with us.  This is great practice for the students to learn different strategies on how to solve word problems.  We practice reading the word problem 3 times, the students work independently for 10 minutes, then with a partner for about 10 minutes.  We wrap up the lesson by having several kids share how they solved the problem.  It's very interesting to see the various ways students go about solving the problems.  This is great practice for the MCAS.  We have enrichment questions ready for the students who solved the problem quickly and accurately.  In addition, starting after vacation, we will focus on the explaining your thinking piece to the word problems.

Math RTI is going well.  New groups will be starting next week.  Ask your child what he/ she has been working on in RTI.  My groups have been doing several challenging math puzzles, logic problems, brain games, etc...Students can work alone or with a partner.  They seem to enjoy the challenges.  We started off with many students saying, "I can't do this!" and "This is too hard!"  Now, they have learned to say, "I'm trying my best." or "I can't do it YET, but I'm working on it."  The students are working hard and staying positive.  The smiles on their faces say it all when they get a problem correct!

Please remember that the math videos/ songs I have posted in the past are still here on the blog.  There is a link at the top next to the homework section.  Click the link and you can scroll through older videos if you come across a problem we haven't done in a while.  It came to my attention when we started adding/ subtracting decimals.  Some students had forgotten how to regroup and borrow.  This is a great opportunity to watch a quick video as a refresher.

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