Friday, February 8, 2013

Monday Night is Our Cultural Celebration

This is just a reminder that Monday evening from 5:00-6:00pm, Team 16 is having our cultural celebration.  Students, please organize any artifacts you want to bring in for the event this weekend.  If parents allow, students please bring your artifacts to school with you on Monday morning.  This way we can set up the room and have everything ready to go.  If you are planning on bringing food, that can come when you arrive at night.  Please remember to include a recipe or ingredient list for any food brought in.    Also, please bring a serving utensil if needed.  I will have paper goods and silverware.

Most of the students are finished with their project.  Hopefully, you had a chance to view the pictures of them working hard creating and designing their posters.  All their hard work and research paid off!  We will have a busy Monday finishing everything up, setting up the room, and practicing a "headline" sentence or two.

Families, please try your best to arrive promptly at 5:00pm.  Students will stand by their project display.  At about 5:05 when everyone has arrived, each student will stand by their exhibit and announce a headline.

For example:  Ciao, My name is Susan.  I studied Italy.  Italians love sports. Cycling, Skiing, Soccer and Motor Racing are just some of the sports Italians have very strong interest in.

Students, if you have time, brainstorm what your headline can be.  We will be working on them on Monday and practicing.

After the headlines, families walk around and view the exhibits.  The students will stand by their exhibits and share what they learned about the culture that they studied.  Around 5:45, students and families can walk around together and taste the food from around the world.  At 6:00pm, students and families can pack up their exhibits and all artifacts, posters, and platters will go home that evening.

During the day on Monday, the students will get a chance to visit the other 4th grade classrooms and view their classmates exhibits.

Stay safe this weekend.  Let's hope no one loses power!

***Option 2 for Valentine's Day seems to be the popular vote.  This means that students can bring in both cards and candy if they want.  We will separate the candy and students will take it home.  Please remember if you decide to participate, you need to give everyone a Valentine in the class.  We will make mailboxes next Tuesday.  Click on the link below to view our class list.  Thank you!***

Team 16 Class List

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