Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cozy, Comfy Friday~ Reading and Project Day tomorrow

Tomorrow, Team 16 will be having a cozy reading/ project day at school.  Ms. Devlin's class had one today which we were planning on joining them.  Due to the storm and the school closings, I had forgotten all about it.  We discussed it as a class today and decided that we do still want to have a comfortable and relaxing day reading with our friends and working on our projects.  Remember to wear comfy clothes and bring some books from home.  A big thank you to Ms. Devlin for her great idea!

We still have orchestra tomorrow so please bring your instruments if you are in band or strings.

Homework tonight:
*Math Study Link 2-7 (double-sided) ~ There are videos posted on the blog if your child is struggling with regrouping.
*Reading Letter- Fill out "hamburger" organizer first (Your topic sentence will be the story starter that you select this week and your details will be evidence from the text.) Then, type or write your reading letter.  Feel free to write more than one paragraph.  Please bring your organizer to school too.
*Please bring your Agenda book to school tomorrow!

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