Friday, November 30, 2012

Math RTI started this week!

4th grade has started Math RTI this week.  We will have it every Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes for the rest of the school year.  We are fortunate that we have Ms. Fay, Ms. Lawson, Ms. Crowley, Ms. Devlin, and myself as teachers during this time.  This allows us to place students in smaller groups and provide direct instruction on skills that students need.  We will assess every 6 weeks and modify groups as needed.

I had 2 groups during this time.  One group worked on a 1,000,000 unsolved math problem from 1937.  Click on the link below to see activity.  They practiced multiplication (2x and 3x).  The group worked collaboratively and were actively engaged the entire time.  It was a challenging activity and they used their best effort to try and solve the problem.  After working so hard, we discussed today that the problem is UNSOLVABLE!  The group was up for another challenge.  Could they create their own math problem that would be solvable similar to the unsolvable problem, but changing the starting number?  The group is still working on this.  Try it ~ Can you solve the unsolvable problem?$1,000,000_Unsolved_Problem.html

The second group practiced using prime and composite numbers using Mimizu puzzles.  These puzzles require students to determine whether 2 numbers share a common factor.  Students had the choice to work alone, with a partner, or a small group.  Click on the link below to see activity.  The group worked hard and were actively engaged.  This was a challenging activity and they stuck with it. They have a packet with beginner, intermediate, and expert puzzles.  Students will hold onto this packet in their math folders and continue working on it as an enrichment activity during math blocks.  Try it ~ Can you solve the puzzles?

I found both activities on a website called Math Pickle.  Click on the link below to check it our for yourself.

* Ask your child what he or she worked on in their small group?  

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