Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wacky Web Tales ~ Practicing Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

Tonight for homework Team 16 will go on Power My Learning, log-in, click on the word work playlist, and then click on Wacky Web Tales. Students will each write 2 Wacky Web Tales practicing parts of speech. **Try to copy and paste both Wacky Tales in a new google document and share with me.** (Email:

Here is an example:

A Wacky Web Tale by Ms. Cherwinski

The Beach

Hooray! Summer is finally here, and that means we can go to the beach! Today, my family is going to Wayland Beach, and I can bring a friend with me. I decide to invite my best friend Kori. I know Kori will want to go with us. She thinks going to the beach is funny!
We start our beach day by watching the sunrise, and then eating breakfast at Uncle Marco's Pancake Hut. I always get pizza flavored pancakes.
After breakfast we ran the waves, go singing for seashells, and dance a sandcastle. Then we eat the lunch we packed for the beach. It's my favorite—apple sandwiches. The only time apple sandwiches are not so silly is when you drop them in the sand.
By noon, everyone's had enough of the beach. But Wayland Beach is fun at night, too! There is a really small boardwalk. It's always crowded with people. Would you believe we saw my teacher Ms. Cherwinski there, eating a huge banana split?
There are a lot of cool shops on the boardwalk. You can get a little hermit dog, but make sure your mom and dad say it's okay! My favorite store is the jewelry store. Kori and I each buy a rope bracelet that will walk when it gets wet. Pretty red!
By 8:00, we're all ready to head home. I usually fall asleep on the ride home. I can't wait to go to Wayland Beach again.

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