Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homework- Agenda book or Google Calendar or...?

Students all learn in different ways and to be most successful, teachers need to brainstorm and teach different strategies for the same idea. For example, some students in Team 16 are finding out that writing down daily homework using agenda books is not the BEST strategy for them. They forget their agenda books at home and usually write down their homework on a sticky note.

 This can be looked at in different ways. Teachers want to teach students responsibility and organization. One way to do this is to enforce the agenda book on each student. It does teach responsibility and organization...But, if the agenda book is NOT working for would be setting the students up for failure to enforce it. I feel it is my job to come up with alternative options for them.

 A parent suggested using google calendar as an alternative. My first thought was, "brilliant!" I had never thought of using that tool. Students all have google calendar through Wayland. The first day we tried this out, other students wanted to try google calendar. I allowed them this week and told them I was going to send out a post about this and check in with families.

 Do you want your child writing their homework using google calendar? Would you prefer they stick to an agenda book? Do you have an alternative option? Please let me know your thoughts. Please share alternative strategies if you have one.

 Thank you for your help and understanding!

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