Monday, November 5, 2012

Homework for Tonight ~ Monday, 11/5/12

Team 16 had a busy day in school today.  We ran out of time to write our homework down.

Tonight for Homework:
*Read (take notes at home if it helps you write your Friday reading letter)
*Math Study Link 2-8, page 37 (Gestation Period)- due tomorrow
*Practice Math facts

I posted videos for you to preview for Wednesday's math lesson on subtraction with multidigit numbers.  Please watch tonight or tomorrow night so you can come to school on Wednesday with any questions on how to do the subtraction problems.

Reminder ~ Tomorrow is picture make-up day!

*Please share your google site with me if you get a chance (remember how you shared your reading letter with me?)  I can help you tomorrow if you don't know how.

Thank you!  Have a wonderful evening!

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