Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Trip Permission Slips ~ Projects ~ Math Videos

Hello Team 16 Families! We have had a busy and productive week in 4th grade. We have 4 students who have not yet handed in the permission slip and money for the field trip to the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. I put new permission slips in the mailboxes of the students who haven't passed it in yet. Please try and bring it back to school as soon as you can. Thank you for your help with this.

 Team 16 has been busy working hard on their projects. If you explore the blog, you will see Casey's Glogster poster and her slideshow about the Pacific Ocean. In addition, Ava and Tali finished up their interactive poster on the history of paper and how to make your own paper. They plan on making their own paper next week in school. Nice job girls!

 If you scroll down a bit, I posted several math videos and songs about graphing data. Please remind your child to watch them when they have some free time. Next week in Math, we will be graphing data and finding the median, mode, and range. The videos and songs will preview our lesson. We will also be doing addition with regrouping later on next week. Be on the lookout for posted videos and songs to teach regrouping. I have been hearing good feedback about the videos and songs posted. I am happy to hear the students are watching, learning, and enjoying them!

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