Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teachers and Students = Students and Teachers

Teachers are teachers and we work hard at teaching students.  Students are learners and they work hard at learning new things.  On the flip side, teachers are students and learn a lot from their own class.  Students are teachers and can teach other students and teachers things they know a lot about.  Does this sound confusing?

Last week in our class, unbelievable teaching was going on.  I was learning just as much from the students as they were learning from me.  It became very nice and comfortable to share our strengths and knowledge with each other.  Students would ask me for help, I would direct them to a classmate who knew how to help them.  I would teach one student something, like how to save an image to their documents.  Next, that same student would go and teach the same skill to another student.  It was amazing to watch.  I teach you, you teach someone else, and the cycle keeps going around.

We all learn from each other and this is amazing to watch and experience.  It is the way learning should be happening in the classroom.  I am excited to learn how to program and I have a bunch of students who are capable and willing to teach me!  Let the learning begin!

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