Sunday, October 7, 2012

Power My Learning ~ Fun+ Standards Based = Engaged Successful Students 

 Power My Learning is the destination for the BEST in FUN, FREE, online educational activities!

* is a groundbreaking learning platform that makes the best free digital learning activities on the web easily accessible and usable to meet the full range of K-12 learning needs.

 * Standards Alignment:  All of CFY’s Lesson Plans in Math and English Language Arts are aligned to Common Core standards, making it easy to search, choose and create playlists which support Common Core Standards.

I have created a class on Power My Learning.  This allows me to create playlists of games and activities that go along with our curriculum  and what we are studying now.  The playlists will change as we learn new things.  Our class name is team16hh.  Students can add themselves to the class and parents can enter their own email addresses to monitor your child's progress.

To join our class:
Go to 
Click Sign-Up
Click Student
Enter your information (choose a username and password that you will remember)
Click join a class
Enter class code:  119456
Join the class team16hh

Please let me know if you have any problems joining.  After joining, students have access to all the playlists I have created.  There are playlist in all content areas.  We will be using this in school AND this is a great way to practice skills at home too.  The games are fun and engaging.

What attracts and "glues" kids to today's video and computer games is neither the violence, nor even the subject matter, but rather the learning the games provide. Kids like, and all humans love, to learn when it isn't forced on them."

~ Marc Prensky

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