Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekly Homework ~ Team 16

Dear Team 16 Families,

I just wanted to clarify our homework for each week. Students are expected to do 40 minutes of homework a night. Students should be reading every night. Good readers are happy readers so I don't place a time limit on reading. Some kids will choose to read longer than 40 minutes.

Students should be practicing math facts every night. I had sent home a packet of different ways to practice a few weeks ago. Students can practice the way that works best for them.

Spelling homework is due on Fridays. Students can choose (1) 100 point choice or (2) 50 point spelling choices from the sheet that went home. If you don't have a spelling sheet in a plastic sleeve at home, please let me know and I will send another one home.

Reading letters are due every Friday. Students can write in google docs or hand write their letters. They can choose from the story response starters that the students should have brought home last week in a plastic sleeve. Please remind them to include evidence in their letters. A sample evidence sheet and sample format of a letter was also sent home last week for reference.

Depending on what we are learning in Math, a study link may be assigned. When a study link is assigned, it is due back the following day. Check your child's agenda book every night to make sure. Ms. Crowley and I are trying our best to check each child's agenda book everyday to make sure they have written down all the assignments. There are some days we run out of time.

Students have accounts on scootpad (reading and math), mangahigh (math), and power my learning (all content areas). All of the sites follow the core curriculum standards. These are great "fun and engaging" sites to practice skills. Some nights, specific games/ sites may be assigned for students to complete. Feel free to have your child go on these sites as much as possible. I can monitor their progress and I am happy to share the game reports with you.

*If any homework assigned is too difficult for your child or is taking too long, please let me know. Stop after 40 minutes and just write or email me a short blurb explaining. This way I can pull the students during the school day and provide them with additional help and teaching.

**We will be putting together a sheet with all the sites we have accounts with, usernames, and passwords. Students will keep a copy at home and a copy at school. This will help parents, students, and teachers. It can get very confusing trying to remember different passwords and usernames.

***The levels in scootpad can be modified to meet your child's needs. I can change their level to a lower or a higher level if needed. Please let me know if you feel your child's level is not a good match. Thank you for your help with this.

****I will be adding 2 more sites where Team 16 will have accounts with in the next few weeks. They are both based on the core curriculum standards. One of the sites will focus on math facts and the other site has practice in all content areas. They are both sites I can monitor for progress and can print out individual student reports to share with families. My rationale for adding more sites is that all students learn differently and have different interests. Similar to how we teach children different ways to solve a math problem. Students arrive at the correct answer, but many solved the problem using different strategies. I won't be expecting the students to use ALL of the sites we will have accounts with. I want them to try them all out and find which ones they enjoy the most. Students learn best when they are engaged and happy. Please contact me if you want to discuss this further.

*****There is a lot of homework assigned online. Please let me know if you do not have internet access or have limited access. I will modify and make arrangements for students to complete online assignments in school. I understand this can be a challenge to some families.

 Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Susan Cherwinski

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