Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nanoogo ~ Home of the most creative kids on the planet!


Nanooga is the home of the most creative kids on the planet!

Some key features:

* Nanoogo’s powerful digital canvas allows students to find their own personal way of creating and sharing their knowledge and ideas. The platform promotes positive feedback among peers, as a way to foster encouragement and social learning.

* Safely saves and stores all projects and creations in one place! Easily demonstrate previous work to your class and tracks the progress of all students.

* Using technology, students can share their knowledge with others and learn from their classmates. Nanoogo’s fun interactive features keep them engaged and motivated to always improve alongside their peers.

* Nanoogo makes it easier to engage parents with their child’s work outside of the classroom, greatly increasing involvement and encouragement.

* Teachers have complete control in providing secure access to parents and students, as well as the ability to moderate and/or suggest changes to all content before it’s posted on the site.

Check the site out!  I have created accounts for Team 16.  We will explore next week!

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