Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Word Tamer ~ An Interactive Story Builder

Word Tamer - An Interactive Story Builder

Word Tamer is a neat site for learning the process of developing characters, settings, and plots in creative writing. Word Tamer is set up as an interactive journey through a carnival of literary devices. As students move through the carnival they develop characters, develop a setting, and develop a plot for their stories. At each stop in the Word Tamer carnival students can print out the words they have written. Along the way there are videos to help students understand the roles of characters, settings, and plot development in crafting a good story.

After we finish our Poetry writing unit, Team 16 will move on to writing personal narratives.  Check out this amazing, engaging, creative, and fun story building website.  In the next few weeks, I will introduce this to the students in school.  I wanted to provide this resource to families now due to many concerns I have heard from parents about struggling writers.  Feel free to preview and try out at home with your child now.  I hope this site will provide excitement and enthusiasm for all reluctant and/ or struggling writers.  If you do try at home, please share your experiences with me.  Thank you!

"Words are wild creatures which need careful handling."  Enter if you dare...

Happy Exploring!

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