Friday, October 12, 2012

Native American Word Cloud ~ Created by Will Obar

4th Grade had our 2nd day of Social Studies Rotations today. I spent the afternoon with Ms. Devlin's class. The students wrote a letter about the day in a life of a Native American child. They had previously researched and discovered facts about the Native Americans from the Plains region on Tuesday on an i-Adventure. This afternoon, they worked hard using that information to write a paragraph or two. If students finished early, they could create a word cloud from their stories. Here is an example of Will Obar's word cloud. Will took his story and copied it into Wordle. He then played with color and fonts. It came out wonderful! Great work Will! Enjoy! Wordle: plains

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  1. Thanks for featuring our class project's on your blog, Ms. Cherwinski. Also, thanks for all the great ideas you share. Your blog is part of my weekly reading list--I love it. - Ms. Devlin